Wellmo: Platform and Ecosystem Approach in Preventive Health

Jaakko Olkkonen, CEO, WellmoJaakko Olkkonen, CEO
Modern mobile health technologies are playing a crucial role in creating low cost preventive health services and customizing them for each individual and situation, to improve people’s lives. Against this backdrop, insurers are utilizing mobile health technologies to tap health data and design insurance products. A typical approach in preventative health has been to select one of the big health apps or services and market it to the customers. It is becoming increasingly evident, however, that this mega-app approach results—at best—in many users adopting the service. That said, one health app seldom meets the needs of different users for a longer period of time, leading to subpar results in health improvement and the insurer’s business benefits in the longer term.

Wellmo enables an approach where insurers can create a digital health service from best, locally-relevant health content, services, and apps. Additionally, the insurer’s own programs (claims, policies, etc.), apps, and outsourced services (e.g., digidoctor, health care services) can be integrated into the service package. With an approach that encompasses a platform and the health ecosystem, an insurer can leverage all the relevant services rather than trying to compete with them.

The complete suite of services is wrapped in an insurer-branded and tailored app, with customizable engagement process and reward system. This way, the required breadth of offering and pace of development is achieved, which makes it possible to provide value to the users in the long term. Internal competition in the ecosystem keeps innovation blooming and price levels low.

Wellmo’s role is to make it easy for the insurer to compose the best portfolio of services for its customers, update it frequently, and engage customers with a tailored mobile app.

Our health-oriented mobile platform accelerates the launch of digital health solutions and empowers the insurers to stay ahead of their compeers

Wellmo’s cloud-based service comprises an app, admin portal, ready integrations to popular consumer health devices, and an API for connecting third-party apps and services.

The admin portal’s agile tools allow insurers to brand, configure, and distribute their app efficiently, and provide detailed analytics on service usage. Innovative user segmentation concept enables covering a wide variety of health content while targeting these for each user’s health needs and preferences. The insurer can develop segment-specific programs, track the activities on a segment basis, and monitor the usage and outcomes of health programs. On the other hand, the ecosystem partners can simply connect their apps, services, and content via APIs.

These capabilities help in motivating and rewarding end-users for meeting their health goals. “Our health-oriented mobile platform accelerates the launch of digital health solutions and empowers insurers to stay ahead of their compeers,” states Jaakko Olkkonen, CEO of Wellmo. Moreover, it allows insurance teams to focus on their core business activity.

Wellmo has a team of experienced professionals who collaborate with clients to guide them through platform implementation and post-installation support, making the first version of the insurer’s service available within a matter of weeks. The company has helped numerous clients to bring to market digital health services guaranteed to strike the right chord with the target audience. For instance, a major Finnish insurer leveraged Wellmo platform to their ready-to-use applications. Within two months, the insurer completed the launch of its health-related digital service. The results included market share increase by three percentage points and higher engagement of health-conscious younger demographics.

Wellmo remains competitive by consistently updating its platform with new functionalities. The company focuses on adding features that enable even smarter services for customers.